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The TV wall mount flush Hide-a-Mount™ will allow the back of your large flat-screen TV to mount truly flush against the wall, hiding all wires and brackets inside its recessed enclosure. The Hide-a-Mount™ solution has applications not only in residential settings, but also in hotel rooms, conference rooms and other public places where a truly ultra-flush installation is safer – as well as more aesthetically pleasing – than a protruding wall-mounted, sharp-cornered TV screen.

TV Wall Mount Flush

The two tv wall mount flush Hide-a-Mount™ components – a pivot bracket and a recessed enclosure – are designed to work with the MantelMount® brand drop-down bracket. The combination enables your TV to be lowered from a high viewing height, where it is mounted above a fireplace mantel or cabinet, then pivot down past an extended mantel, and be set at a comfortable, glare-free viewing height. After viewing, your Hide-a-Mount™ solution allows you to retract your TV screen back to its aesthetically pleasing position, as flush against the wall as a painting. The ability of Hide-a-Mount™ to pivot top-to-bottom sets it well apart from existing mounting brackets on the market, which pivot only left-to-right.

MantelMount is a Trademark of Manehu Product Alliance, LLC.
Hide-a-Mount is a Trademark of Out-of-Sight™ Mounting Solutions.