A TV-Mounting Bracket to Suit Your Custom Décor

A true case of necessity spawning invention, the unique, patent-pending Hide-a-Mount™ pivot bracket and recessed enclosure were born of a homeowner’s desire to flush-mount his TV just above the fireplace mantel, and to be able pull it down off the wall to a comfortable eye-level position when watching TV. (See Figure 1)

While building a custom bookcase surround with a high mantel for his fireplace, the homeowner extensively researched mounting solutions that would meet his needs – but initially struck out.

Then he found the MantelMount® brand pull-down TV mount and gave it a try. While it offered the lowering capability he was looking for, and a solid steel housing to recess its lifting arm into the wall, he could still see the mounting hardware between his TV and the wall when viewing it from the side. Additionally, the MantelMount® required installing the TV several inches above his 12-inch mantel in order to pull the TV down. (See Figure 2)

That just wasn’t going to give the homeowner the flush-to-wall look he desired, or the ability to place his TV only slightly above the mantel as he needed. So he put his construction knowledge to work and designed his own system. Eight months later, he had a patent pending and manufacturing ongoing.

A licensed journeyman electrician, the creator of Hide-a-Mount™ has worked in the trade for almost 30 years. His experience ranges from high-end custom houses and hotels to commercial and industrial installations, and now he can add inventor and manufacturer to the list!

Figure 1

Figure 2

Hide-a-Mount™ is the only solution on the market today that mounts a large flat-screen TV truly flush against your wall, chimney or bookcase.


Function plus Visual Appeal

The Hide-a-Mount™ will allow the back of your large flat-screen TV to mount truly flush against the wall, hiding all wires and brackets inside its recessed enclosure. The Hide-a-Mount™ solution has applications not only in residential settings, but also in hotel rooms, conference rooms and other public places where a truly ultra-flush installation is safer – as well as more aesthetically pleasing – than a protruding wall-mounted, sharp-cornered TV screen.

The two Hide-a-Mount™ components – a pivot bracket and a recessed enclosure – are designed to work with the MantelMount® brand drop-down bracket. The combination enables your TV to be lowered from a high viewing height, where it is mounted above a fireplace mantel or cabinet, then pivot down past an extended mantel, and be set at a comfortable, glare-free viewing height. After viewing, your Hide-a-Mount™ solution allows you to retract your TV screen back to its aesthetically pleasing position, as flush against the wall as a painting. The ability of Hide-a-Mount™ to pivot top-to-bottom sets it well apart from existing mounting brackets on the market, which pivot only left-to-right.

MantelMount is a Trademark of Manehu Product Alliance, LLC.
Hide-a-Mount is a Trademark of Out-of-Sight™ Mounting Solutions.